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 Tertius Varus' household, several characters wanted
 Posted: Jun 24 2018, 10:24 AM
36 Years Old
Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time

For Tertius Quinctilus Varus' household there are several wanted characters so far. Tertius lives "alone" with his 9 year old daughter and all the slaves in the house. A few of these slaves have already been named and more will probably follow. These are the wanted so far - the list may be updated http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

slave | 23 | born April 50 AD | Tertius' son with a slave

Background: Son of Tertius Quinctilus Varus and a slave called Varinia. Teutus is still officially a slave, but Tertius may free and adopt him soon and make him his legitimate son and heir. Tertius used to be ashamed of Teutus, but after his wife died and he still has no male heir, he has been taking better care of Teutus, even making sure he has learned to read and write and learned more about what a proper Roman should know. This has begun happening since Teutus was 15 - before that, Tertius didn't care for him. Tertius' daughter, Antonia Varia (9), is his half-sister. Both are motherless today - whether Teutus mother was sold, freed or died is up to you. I imagine Teutus is a good big brother to his sister and that they are good friends. He also has an uncle, Tertius' brother Secundus and of course Teutus knows all about their rivalry. What Teutus thinks about Secundus is up to you.

Personality: Teutus is happy to learn new things and does what he can to please his father, so that he can be freed and adopted. At the same time I imagine he holds a grudge towards his father, because he didn't care about Teutus when he was a child - and he has always known Tertius is his father. On the other hand, he's also glad that his father is finally showing him some respect - he has mixed feelings about his father. Other than that, his personality is up to you.

Appearance: Up to you. I imagine he may be taller than his father, just to rub it in.

slave | 21 | born February 52 AD | Tertius' body slave

Background: There really isn't much background for this char yet, other than he's Greek. Hector is a slave and Tertius Quinctilius Varus' personal body slave. I imagine he may have been born into slavery, but he could also have been captured. He has been in Tertius' household a few years and has probably been his body slave for at least two years - meaning they know each other well.

Personality: As Tertius' personal body slave, Hector has a rather high status in the household. When Tertius is not around, he's pretty free and is required to take baths and look nice for his master. Hector is a very obedient and loyal slave, very fond of his master because Tertius treats him well. Hector even gets to sleep in Tertius' bed, when Tertius is home too, and of course they are lovers. He's very alert too and does not like any form of threat to his position in the house. Hence why he for example isn't fond of Tertius' gladiator, Celadus, whom his master likes for reasons Hector seriously can't grasp.

Appearance: described as handsome with blonde hair and blue eyes and he's youthful looking. But whom you choose to match that description is up to you.

Link to Tertius' profile

Other people needed in the household:

Head Slave - the slave who's in charge of all the rest in the household. I imagine the head slave is male and at least 30 years old. He has been in the household since Tertius' wife died in 65 AD. Background and personality besides this is up to you. Tertius does not tolerate disobedient and nosy slaves though, so this slave has to be the good kind... at least towards his master.

Ordinary house slaves - these are both male and female and perform various tasks like cleaning, cooking, sewing and mending and serving at dinner parties (which are rare in the household at the moment=
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