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The year is 73 AD, one hundred years after the founding of the Principate. Emperors have risen and fallen, wars have been waged, and the Roman Empire finds itself in the tenth year of Emperor Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus, whose rule has proved strong and prosperous after a period of relative instability. However, the empire is changing; new philosophies and ideas threaten to compete with Rome’s most ancient traditions, rumors are whispered of tension along the empire’s boarders, and, as always, ambitious men and women seek to make their own mark in history. Where will you fit in? And will you survive a world where lust, treachery, and greed runs thick, or will your name fade into the recesses of history?
20th JUL - - - The season has moved forward and there is an Activity Check in progress. Welcome to all the new members who have joined us. If you are interested in a canon or a wanted, please check them out. It would be excellent to see more of them in play. If you have any questions please ask us. We have a cbox and a discord available for communication.

April to June 73AD
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 Hai ^.^
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 04:06 AM
Years Old

I'm Izzy, the Izzykins, Isa, etc. I played AGES ago, so some of you older ones might remember me. My most notable character then was Sanga Vestoria, slave to senator Lucan (Tani). She ended up being the character I was able to rp with the most out of all games I ever played, so she holds a special place. I remember her fondly (and really wish that big orgy we had planned with her, Tani, Madam Gothy, and a few others had actually come to fruition! lol).

I digress . . . so after a hiatus of any and all writing when I was diagnosed with panic disorder and extreme social anxiety disorder and PTSD and trauma . . . etc. I had a few years of hell. Coming out of that I'm still not up to par, but can breathe again, and I picked up writing once more. I finished several novels over the last two years, but having had difficulty in rejections have slowed up and found writing not so fun anymore despite missing it terribly. Sort of lost my confidence I guess you could say.

So I started thinking on how to make it fun again, and not so stressful, and remembered the AeRos, the only RP that ever really embraced me and rped with me. ^.^ So I am back! I'll need some oil to get the rusty hinges going again.
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 03:48 PM
30 Years Old
Site Mum

Hey Izzy, welcome back to AeRo!

I hope things improve for you and you start to recover. It's always pleasant seeing an old face return to the site once more. http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

- Gothy
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