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The year is 73 AD, one hundred years after the founding of the Principate. Emperors have risen and fallen, wars have been waged, and the Roman Empire finds itself in the tenth year of Emperor Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus, whose rule has proved strong and prosperous after a period of relative instability. However, the empire is changing; new philosophies and ideas threaten to compete with Rome’s most ancient traditions, rumors are whispered of tension along the empire’s boarders, and, as always, ambitious men and women seek to make their own mark in history. Where will you fit in? And will you survive a world where lust, treachery, and greed runs thick, or will your name fade into the recesses of history?
20th JUL - - - The season has moved forward and there is an Activity Check in progress. Welcome to all the new members who have joined us. If you are interested in a canon or a wanted, please check them out. It would be excellent to see more of them in play. If you have any questions please ask us. We have a cbox and a discord available for communication.

April to June 73AD
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 Activity Check: 13th of Jan, 2018.
 Posted: Jan 12 2018, 06:28 PM
30 Years Old
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Activity Check.

This is AeRo's final Activity Check using this format. In the future we will be using a passive form of activity check.

Please respond with the following;

An RP post must be made to keep the character and the position.
Any canons for those who do not post will be made available once more.
The AC closes on the 27th of Jan, 2018.

The Form.

Player name:
Character name:
Link to RP post:


Player name: Chris
Character name: Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus
Link to RP post: Brothers, We
Character name: Eppitacus
Link to RP post: Harsh Training
Character name: Lucius Junius Silanus
Link to RP post: Just Visiting

Player name: Sarah
Character name: Aeneas
Link to RP post: Git Chor Gladiators 'Ere

Player name: Sains
Character name: Decimus Rutilius Atellus
Link to RP post: So, how is he?

Player name: Eris
Character name: Flavia Caesaris
Link to RP post: cabin fever

Player Name: Echo
Character Name: Caecina Tusca
Link to Post: My Favorite Confidante
Character Name: Aurelia Gaia
Link to Post: OMG Like Two Gaias
Character Name: Branwen
Post: New Kid in Town
Character Name: Silvana Tacita
Post: Welcome Home

Player name: Soteria
Character name:
M. Aemilius Scaurus Alexander
Link to RP post: brother of mine

Player name: Dev
Character name: Valeria Maxima
Link to RP post: http://aeternaroma.jcink.net/index.php?sho...st=0&#entry1820
Character name: Rufia Flavia
Link to RP post: http://aeternaroma.jcink.net/index.php?sho...st=0&#entry1822

Player name: Dylan
Character name: Marcus Antonius Tacitus
Link to RP post: http://aeternaroma.jcink.net/index.php?sho...view=getnewpost
 Posted: Jan 28 2018, 09:26 PM
30 Years Old
Site Mum

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