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The year is 73 AD, one hundred years after the founding of the Principate. Emperors have risen and fallen, wars have been waged, and the Roman Empire finds itself in the tenth year of Emperor Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus, whose rule has proved strong and prosperous after a period of relative instability. However, the empire is changing; new philosophies and ideas threaten to compete with Rome’s most ancient traditions, rumors are whispered of tension along the empire’s boarders, and, as always, ambitious men and women seek to make their own mark in history. Where will you fit in? And will you survive a world where lust, treachery, and greed runs thick, or will your name fade into the recesses of history?
31st Jan - - -I am proud to announce a revised canon list and information! The staff worked on bringing it together for the community. Hopefully you will find something that you like. There will be more canons on the way. ;)

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January to March 73AD
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Claudia Caesaris by Anna on Dec 26 2017, 06:49 AM
Members of Caesar's family.
Claudia Corinthia by Anna on Feb 16 2018, 01:02 AM
Those of the senatorial class, both patricians and plebeians.
Alaric Aetius Stilicho by Chris on Oct 13 2017, 02:10 AM
Those of the equestrian order--the "knightly" and merchant class.
Marcus Axius Durio by Gothic on Oct 9 2017, 02:50 PM
The common Romans.
Cleisthenes by Thistle on Jun 1 2017, 07:15 PM
Citizens of the Empire who hold only the most basic of Roman rights. The term 'peregrini' includes Cives Latini, Cives Provinciales, and Cives Socii; citizens both of the provinces and citizens of states allied to Rome.
Atella Eupheme by Gothic on Nov 5 2017, 08:32 AM
A distinct lower class made up of freed slaves.
Aeneas by Gothic on Jan 6 2018, 10:14 PM
The enslaved.
Caera by Gothic on Feb 18 2018, 11:32 AM
Non-Citizens. Those who are either inside the empire but are denied rights, or those who are outside of the Roman sphere of influence.
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